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Get the support you need from an anonymous, un-friended social media platform.

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I felt alone and afraid. By the time I signed up for Arfbook, I had lost all motivation. The few people who noticed my struggles had stopped replying. Then I found Arfbook, and my life was changed. Now I'm so productive I don't even need this job! — Brian

How It Works

Arfbook is a public social media network where you can get support, encouragement, and motivation from people who are not your friends.


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    Arfbook is a great place to get feedback, whether you're looking for bloggers, journalists, or Fortune 500 employees
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    Give and receive anonymous advice from someone who understands you
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    Find people who share your interests and walk with you towards your goals
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    We're the only social media that allows you to post during off-hours, so you can get the support you need when you need it!

About Us

Arfbook is the only anonymous social media website. We've designed Arfbook to be completely anonymous - your IP address is hidden from the person you're writing to, and vice versa. You can also block any user, without needing to add them as a friend.

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