Aromatherapy for your zodiac sign

Next time you need to find a new date, let Astromates help you out. Astromates is a mobile dating app that uses your astrology sign to match you with compatible astrological signs.

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I finally feel like I am at peace. I know that my lover is a Sagittarius like me. After almost a year of struggling to connect with my Scorpio, I am so happy that Astromates was there to help. — Sharon

How It Works

Download the app and choose your sign. Astromates will scan your Facebook friends and match you with compatible astrological signs.


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    Astromates is the first app that uses astrology to find a compatible match.
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    This app is the perfect way to find a new astrological friend.

About Us

Astromates is backed by leading VCs. Our team is full of passionate, hardworking individuals who believe that our astrological signs have a large impact on our personalities and love lives.

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