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The first dating platform that doesn't track your personal data!

How many times have you heard that you have been matched with someone, when you're not actually being matched with anyone? With Blockr8, you just have to trust that the matching algorithm works.
We use blockchain technology to ensure your privacy. As a user, you are just a hash in our system. Even the CEO can't access your data.

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I was so lonely before Blockr8! But now I finally get the attention I deserve — Brandon

How It Works

Blockr8 helps you meet the right people by anonymously collecting your interests, and then anonymously matching you with other users.


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    The world's first algo-driven dating platform.
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    You decide how much you can share.

About Us

Blockr8 is a leader in the dating space. Backed by leading VCs, our mission is to disrupt the relationship market. Come join our team! We are a close-knit group of judgey individuals that wish Tinder had never been invented.

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