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Find love, or at least find out why you're still single.

Tired of going on dates filled with forced smiles, uncomfortable silence, and the eternal question of whether you should split the bill or ride off into the sunset alone? BrutallyHonestDate changes the game. Our platform ensures you get real about who you are and what you're looking for - no filters, no fluff, just the harsh, refreshing truth.

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How It Works

Sign up and fill out our brutally honest questionnaire, where you’ll confess everything from your worst habits to your most unpopular opinions. No sugar-coating allowed. Then our algorithm - fed up with years of lovey-dovey nonsense - matches you with someone as brutally honest as you are.


  • 🧓
    Profiles that showcase real flaws because perfection is overrated.
  • 📆
    First date ideas that actually sound fun, like competitive garlic bread eating.
  • 📝
    A feedback system to rate how truthful your date was, because there's always someone who thinks "occasional snorer" means "sounds like a freight train."

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