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Meet your perfect partner. Guaranteed.

Looking for your future husband? FindMyMrRight is a dating service that uses artificial intelligence to match you with your ideal man. Even better: you can decide how much of your data to share with the algorithm.

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My friend told me about FindMyMrRight! Now I don’t have to deal with all those losers on Tinder! — Dana

How It Works

Create your profile and start searching for the right man. Upload photos, include details about your ideal partner, and let FindMyMrRight do the rest. We will provide you with a list of potential matches. Download their data and let the computer decide!


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    FindMyMrRight is always learning from user feedback and updating their algorithm.
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    Privacy-conscious? You can choose to share as little or as much of your data as you prefer.
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    And did we mention that FindMyMrRight is powered by artificial intelligence? Their AI is smarter than the average man!

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