The overbearing mother you never asked for but always needed.

Forget those outdated smart bottles that gently remind you to hydrate. Enter Hydr'OMG, the first-ever household robot that obsesses over your hydration levels more than your mother does before a marathon. It follows you around ensuring you're sufficiently watered for optimal plant-like thriving.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

"Since getting Hydr'OMG, I've been peeing like a champion racer - clear and proud. My skin’s glowing enough to evade questions about my diet and exercise routine. Worth every awkward social moment." — Clara Drinksalot

How It Works

Sync Hydr'OMG with your smart wearables to monitor your hydration in real-time. If you're falling behind on your water intake, our friendly robot will glide over, nagging included at no extra charge, and won't leave until you drink the prescribed amount. Default mode includes a comforting pat on the back, for those who drink on schedule.


  • 🚰
    Persistent Hydration Monitoring
  • 🌿
    Gentle or Intense Encouragement Settings ("Soothing Support" vs. "Military Drill")
  • 🔊
    Standard mode features mom 'nag' - Upgrades include "Significant Other’s Concern" and "Disappointed Ancestor"

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