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Smell your crush from across the room.

iNose is the world's first, wearable personal fragrance diffuser. Instantly attract members of the opposite sex with your unique scent.

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I had given up on love. But then I got an iNose and now I have a boyfriend! — Chelsea Lately

How It Works

Use the iNose app to choose the scent you want to emit. Once you have selected your fragrance, you are all set! Your iNose will emit your scent, and you will smell even better than your crush!


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    The iNose is designed to be stylish and discrete.
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    In addition to your own personal fragrance, select from our fragrance library (free for all users).
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    Our revolutionary design allows you to take your iNose with you wherever you go.

About Us

We believe that people should smell their best. iNose is just the first step towards our goal of building a world where everyone smells great. We can't wait to make you smell even better than your crush!

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