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Finally, a social network for singles that you'll actually use

Jealousbot is a mobile-first social network for singles. It gets rid of the painful and tedious aspects of dating, and focuses on the best part: being jealous of your friends’ relationships.

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I was so jealous of my friend’s relationship, I kept it from my boyfriend. It was only a matter of time before he found out. I wish Jealousbot had existed back then. — Lena

How It Works

Jealousbot connects you with your friends, so you can see who is dating who. You can also browse through local singles profiles. There’s something for everyone.


  • 🍆
    You are guaranteed to find something you’re jealous of.
  • 💌
    All photos and messages are encrypted and anonymized.
  • 🖕
    Perfect for dating and non-dating relationships.

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