The most epic blockchain-based startup in history.

PoopCoin is a new cryptocurrency that uses your dog’s poop as proof of work. Get paid to walk your dog, or pay others to walk theirs.

Photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash

I never thought my dog would make me rich. But now I can pay someone to walk my dog for me! — Louis

How It Works

Get paid to poop. Or poop to get paid. Either way, you’re making cryptocurrency.


  • 💩
    The only cryptocurrency backed by real value.
  • 🐶
    Share your poop wealth. Send your friends some PooCoin.
  • 👹
    Processed into capsules for easy storage and transport.

About Us

We created PooCoin to build a better world. We want to make it easier for people like you to make cryptocurrency. We believe that poop is an untapped resource! After all, it’s the first step to making gold.

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