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Finally, a reason to escape endless Zoom meetings.

In an era where escaping a Zoom meeting is almost as impossible as declining your 10th virtual happy hour, Shhherrands offers a seamlessly perfect solution for all your "Sorry, can't make it" needs. Ever wanted a legitimate excuse to get out of those mind-numbing team catch-ups? Shhherrands is here to stage your most believable, unmissable errands so you can free up your calendar.

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How It Works

Our sophisticated algorithm crafts the most believable, inarguable excuse - complete with backups, in case your boss is the inquisitive type. Choose from instant escape excuses like "urgent dental appointment" to more elaborate schemes such as "I accidentally signed for a neighbour's tarantula delivery and now it's loose in my house."


  • 📖
    Library of excuses updated regularly to reflect current events and seasonality for maximum believability.
  • 💌
    Automated follow-up excuse generator in case others remain sceptical of your initial escape.
  • 🎭
    Optional add-on packages include props sent to your home to make your excuse more real. Imagine opening a box of fake dental records during your next video call!

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